Thursday, May 3, 2012

If I had a Boat

If I had a boat, I'd sail it on the ocean,
and if I had a pony, I'd ride it on my boat...

Lyle Lovett,  If I Had a Boat, off the album Pontiac

Not sure you could ride a pony on this boat, but it is coming along.  I'm at the painting stage now, I'm using an oil base paint so it is taking a long time but patience will be rewarded.

Forward seat with the mast step.  The pipe will be cut flush with the seat and routed to ease the edge.  This is gonna make stepping the mast easy, plus it can't jump out of the step in rough water.

Amidships sits the truck where the dagger board goes.  You can also see the post turned post that supports the seat for rowing.

Amidships looking forward.

Amidships looking aft.

Aft seat with the rudder in place.   I used fir plywood for the rudder because I'm not sure about this rudder, I may put in a pop-up rudder instead.  I'm gonna try this one and see.

And here is the most important tool in this whole project.  A little 4" brass and wood bevel gauge.  It doesn't have a tightener at all, just a peened  rod that holds the blade perfectly.  For my chairs I use a Stanley 18 which is a great gauge, but this little one is perfect for the boat.

As to the name, I actually have two in mind, and you'll have to wait until it's done to see.  Bad luck otherwise.