Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vineyard Table Part 3

...She took two steps, then left
the ground, I thought for good.
But she came down hard, humped
her back, swallowed her neck,
and threw her rider as you'd
throw a rock. He rose, brushed
his pants and caught his breath,
and said, "See that's the way
to do it When you see
they're gonna throw you, get off.

from Riding Lesson by Henry Taylor

Above you can see the harp that needs a little more work.  I may have to re-do this, won't know until it's all together.  I know the cross bar has to be redone.  This part swings between the stretchers and supports the table top.  The top pivots on two pegs, and folds down when not in use, sort of like those table benches.

Here are the cleats that have the holes for the pegs and they also help keep the top flat.  The holes for the screws have to be elongated to allow the top to expand and contract with changes in humidity.

Above are the slots that allow the screws to move with those changes.  I use a Domino to cut the slots; a lot faster than a file or setting up a router.

The tops of the posts, or legs actually, have to be rounded or else they would bind.  I usually don't cut these rounds on the bandsaw, I just cut them at a 45ยบ and then sand it round.

I use a Ray Iles dowel cutter ( or rounder) to make the pivot dowels.  That way the finish will match.

And this is the table so far.  The stretchers and stretcher tenons fit great, and the feet look good.  The harp goes the stretchers;  it'll be done shortly.  You can see how the cleats will pivot on the pegs.  Top and harp and done tomorrow.  Hopefully.  

At the table you can see the first antique Windsor I bought.  It's not much but the seat has a nice shape. 

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