Friday, January 20, 2012

Like New Disston 115 for sale

First and foremost arms are tools in the service of rival nations, pointing at the possibility of a future war.
Alva Myrdal

After much thought,  have decided to sell this Disston D115 panel saw.  This saw is pretty much perfect...the handle is beautiful rosewood.  According to Pete Taren at Vintage Saw, this is the best saw that Disston made. 

It can be found at ebay here.

I have been buying and fixing up old saws.  Maybe I'm just weird but I really do enjoy fixing these up.  I find filing them meditative, weird I know.  Such a simple tool, a handle and some spring steel.

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  1. Terry:

    I have the same saw that I bought about 13 years ago for $15! It has the Victory logo and a rosewood handle, one of these days I will sharpen it!