Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vineyard Table

The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.
John Milton, Paradise Lost
For the next few posts, I gonna follow a project from start to finish.  I am building a Vineyard Table out of white oak for a friend.  The finish will be fumed so that should be fun.  I got the wood last Tuesday and put it in the shop on sticks to acclimate, see above.
I started by making out a cutting list, and then milled all the parts slightly over size.  I sometimes assume that readers know all this but then I think that sometimes I assume too much, so I gonna do this one like a class.   
    When you mill the stock, run one face over the jointer and then run it thru the planer, jointed side down.  I do try to cut the pieces pretty close to finish size before as it saves time and wood. I do all the ripping on the bandsaw as it is safer and quieter.  Once you get the pieces pretty close, 1/8" over or so on the thickness and width and a couple inches on length.  
   On pieces with wane or pieces that are cupped, I joint one edge and the rip it on the bandsaw before jointing as it saves time.  Be sure to rip cup side down. 
   Here you can see the pencil marks I use before and after jointing.  The above ones tell you how the face jointing is going, and the one below tell you which side is done.  
   For boards wider than my jointer, I set the infeed table down for a good bite, say 1/8" or so, and remove the guard and run it over the jointer.  Hopefully this leaves a wide, flat rabbet and a little ridge of wood on the offside. 
     I usually handplane the ridge off and then put that side down and just lightly plane the other side a couple times and the alternate sides till it's flat.  
The board with the tape on it is almost 11" wide.  These board will form the top, while the ones below will be the wood for the trestle and legs etc...  It really is a cool looking table, can't wait to get it done.  
And here is my Super Bowl Prediction!  I like the Bills, but my wife and daughter like the Giants, so I'll root with them.



  1. How fun to follow from start to finish. Thank you! You've got amazing skills.

  2. The blog post was ok until the crazy guy in the NY Giants shirt showed up. Doesn't he know the Pats are going to win?

  3. Wrong on both counts, the Giants are gonna win, and the "crazy guy" is my daughter, Giants, Giants, Giants!!!! Should be a good game, Giants 32, Pats 24 there, I said it.

  4. My apologies to your daughter. As for the score: Pats 45 Giants 17. And in spite of your strange football affliction, I still want to see the build on the table.

    1. Truth be known, I like the Bills, but anyone, anyone besides the Pats. My wife likes the Giants, so I'll go along, cause the Bills folded it up halfway thru. We'll see, they'll never get 45, tell ya that. At any rate enjoy the game!!